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"The Everett historic district runs from around 8th Street to 25th Street, north to south and from Broadway to Grand Avenue, east to west. The district contains many old and stately homes, including the home of the former U.S. Senator Henry M. Jackson on Grand Avenue.

The city also has 35 properties on its register of historic places

The city of Everett maintains an Office of Neighborhoods which facilitate communication between the city and the 19 established neighborhood associations. Each of the officially recognized neighborhood associations operate independently to better their established geographic areas within the city. The neighborhoods are:

Bayside – comprising much of the central business district, the waterfront, and the surrounding residential areas.
Boulevard Bluffs – primarily residential area of the city bordering Mukilteo.
Cascade View – residential area in South Everett, north of Everett Mall
Delta – primarily residential area north of downtown Everett
Evergreen – primarily residential area in South Everett.
Glacier View – older residential area south of downtown.
Harborview-Seahurst-Glenhaven – older residential areas south of downtown.
Holly – a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas on the southern edge of the city.
Lowell – formerly an independent town, Lowell is a primarily residential area southeast of downtown.
Northwest – older residential areas northwest of downtown.
Pinehurst-Beverly Park – mix of residential and commercial developments in South Everett.
Port Gardner – residential neighborhoods south of downtown.
Riverside – areas just northeast of downtown.
Silver Lake – residential and commercial areas surrounding Silver Lake in the extreme southeastern part of the city.
South Forest Park – residential neighborhood near downtown.
Twin Creeks – the area surrounding Everett Mall, a mix of residential and commercial areas.
Valley View-Sylvan Crest-Larimer Ridge – residential areas in southeast Everett.
View Ridge-Madison – residential areas west and southwest of Forest Park.
Westmont – primarily multi-family housing in the southwestern part of the city."