The Lake at Lake Stevens

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"Lake Stevens, according to the United States Census Bureau, has a total area of 8.90 square miles, of which, 8.88 square miles is land and 0.02 square miles is water.

Lake Stevens has two major commercial centers: downtown and Frontier Village. Downtown Lake Stevens is located on the northeastern arm of the lake and has been undergoing redevelopment since the 1990s. Frontier Village is located west of the lake at the intersection of State Route 9 and State Route 204 and is a traditional suburban shopping center with strip malls and big box stores.

The lake itself is the largest and deepest lake in Snohomish County, with an area of 1,040 acres and an average depth of 64 feet. It is fed by Lundeen, Mitchell (Kokanee), and Stitch Creeks and drained by Catherine Creek, which ultimately flows to the Pilchuck River. The small size of the surrounding watershed compared to the lake minimizes the effects of upstream pollution. This combined with an artificial aeration system allows for a generally good water quality. Much of the shoreline is heavily developed, so few wetlands exist adjacent to the lake. Recreational activities include boating, fishing, and swimming."